Aurora snowshoeing

Trip information

In this tour we all go in search of the famous Aurora Borealis. Join an evening snowshoeing trip, away from light pollution and noise, with the aim of experiencing the magical northern lights. We walk in dark and snow-covered forests, through a fantastic landscape on our way to a vantage point particularly good for observing the northern lights. During the evening we will make a fire and serve hot drinks and local snacks.

We offer two options for this experience. The first is a trip near the center of Storslett and the second is snowshoeing to visit Ovi Raishin , which is a spectacular hand-built village, but also the visitor center for Reisa National Park and the Reisadalen.


Duration and location

Ovi Raishin

Departure: 8:00 PM at Reisa Lodge

Center Storslett

Departure: 8:00 PM at Reisafjord hotel

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: easy, family friendly


What to bring

Warm clothes

Warm middle layer

Warm jumper and trousers


What is included


Snowshoes and poles

Thermal suit + Gloves and hat

Winter boots


Snacks and hot drinks


NOK 1,500 / adult

NOK 800 / child

Minimum order price NOK 4,500