River boat transport in the Reisa river

River boat transport in the Reisa river

Are you planning a trip to fish for salmon in the legendary Reisaelva? Or are you perhaps planning a hike in the wonderful Reisa National Park? Here there are paths and routes in fantastic nature that are suitable for everyone - choose from the top shelf. We can offer transport of both you and your equipment to and from your destination at the Reisa river in the national park or further down the river - regardless of whether your adventure lasts 2 or 7 days.

Salmon fishing

The Reisaelva is well known both for its good salmon fishing and its beautiful nature. The upper part of Reisaelva (fishing zone 11-19) cannot be reached by car. So river boat is the best option to get here. We fulfill your needs by transporting you at the right time to the fishing zone for which you have purchased a card. Of course, we can also arrange a nice return at the desired time.

Follow the link below to buy a fishing license in Reisaelva. Select the Reisaelva, fishing zone, duration of the fishing license and date.



You can find a map of the fishing zones in Reisaelva here:


Hiking tours

Reisa National Park is a magnificent place for hiking and camping. The wild nature and atmosphere will take your breath away. Everywhere there are good and well-marked paths which are connected in a larger network to surrounding areas. You may have heard of the "Nordkalott trail"? This is the name of the marked path that crosses the country borders between the more northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland. As you wander through several countries, you get to experience the beautiful Arctic nature. The terrain in the areas you walk in varies from high mountains to deep valleys and bare, elongated expanses. The national park is also perfect for day trips. Here are many beautiful and spectacular highlights that can be easily reached. We provide the transport you need - either one-way or return.


We rent out canoes, as well as deliver the canoes and you/you where desired. This is how you can plan your own adventure in Reisa National Park. Spend several days if desired and finally paddle down the river. Along the river there are several open cabins that can be used for overnight stays. The Reisaelva has some demanding sections, so some prior knowledge of canoeing is recommended. Oars and vests are included. We do not rent out canoes if the water level is over 2.5 metres. This is for their own safety.

More information about Reisa National Park can be found here: https://reisanasjonalpark.no/en/

We adapt and tailor all services on Reisaelva to your needs. Contact us and we will plan and arrange the trip for your needs, at a comfortable price.

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Season: 01.06 – 01.10 (season depends on water level in the river)

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